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Removable Drawbar


The following is situation to use draw bar:

1. When turning in narrow road, need manually steering on whole trailer, it is easier to use draw bar instead of goose neck.
2. Gooseneck cannot be worked with 4 or 3 files trailers (when trailer modules connected side by side), only draw bar can go it.
3. When trailer is smaller than 7 lines, it is better to use draw bar, because short trailer cannot conduct enough hydraulic pressure to gooseneck.
4. For manual control steering, draw bar is easier than gooseneck.

What is the difference between a hydraulic gooseneck and a drawbar (pull rod)? The normally powered gooseneck is equipped with a small horsepower diesel engine (power unit) and a hydraulic cylinder. The following are the differences between them.

For the gooseneck, the hydraulic jack (cylinder) in the gooseneck will exert a force on the tractor without placing heavy objects on the truck (primer) and increasing the payload and maneuverability of the modular trailer.

In China, gooseneck trailers (semi-trailers) allow high-speed operation and do not allow trailer trailers (called trailers).

The hydraulic gooseneck stabilizes the trailer at high speeds. Manual steering on the entire trailer is unavoidable when driving on narrow roads, and it is easier to use the towbar instead of the gooseneck.

The gooseneck press has adjustable motive power and adjustable pin height for easy removal of the gooseneck from the tractor. It can't work with 4 or 3 trailers (when the trailer modules are connected side by side), only the towbar can go.

When the trailer is less than 7 lines, it is best to use a tow bar. Because the short trailer can't apply enough hydraulic pressure to the gooseneck.

It is difficult to pull back the trolley trailer and it is easy to reverse the neck trailer. For manual steering, the towbar is easier than the neck.


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