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Work before semi-trailer's axle base adjustment

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Work before axle base adjustment of semi-trailer

1. Prepare measuring tools

According to the actual needs, prepare 15m steel tape, 3M tape, hanging hammer, wheelbase measuring post and other measuring tools, as shown in the figure.special semi-trailer - HYZER

2. Prepare the vehicle

Park the semi-trailer on a flat cement ground, separate the tractor from the trailer, and adjust the outrigger to make the front and rear of the trailer basically flat. Discharge the air in the air reservoir to release the braking of the semi-trailer.

In case of energy storage braking, put the tractor horizontally in front of the trailer, connect the normal air supply pipe (red), turn on the switch and release the braking.

3. Inspection before adjustment

Check whether the U-bolt nut is loose? Does the clearance of the tension bar bushing become larger? Is the tension rod fastening screw loose? Find the reason for the change of wheelbase and isosceles.

If the bushing is damaged, replace the tension bar bushing after adjusting.

If the tension rod adjusting bolt is loose, readjust, lock the adjustable torque rod, install the slotted nut cotter pin and retest.

If the U-bolt nut is loose, loosen the nut, install the leaf spring and tension rod base correctly, screw the nut to the specified torque, and then adjust the isosceles and wheelbase.



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