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What's the hydraulic trailer?

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(1) Because trailer tires will sink differently with load changes, common hydraulic flat trailer tires (model 8.25R15 or 7.50R15) may sink about 50mm under heavy load, while the general trailer manufacturer's technology The trailer running height and the trailer lift amount e given in the performance data are often values under a certain load condition (under empty or common axle load), so the trailer height should consider the influence of tire deformation after loading.height of hydraulic trailer- XIAN HYZER

(2) Because the trailer is very long, the cargo platform may have a certain upward arch in the longitudinal direction when it is empty (the middle part is higher than the two ends), and the longitudinal depression may occur (the middle part is lower than the two ends) after the cargo is loaded. It will cause the trailer cargo platform may not be a flat surface, so the height of the trailer is also related to the flatness of the trailer cargo platform.

(3) The trailer suspension is supported by a hydraulic cylinder. When the hydraulic cylinder is lifted to the limit position, the hydraulic support will be lost due to the mechanical limit in the cylinder, which will easily cause the suspension to lose its hydraulic balance and cause overload. The limit height used should have a certain margin.

Sometimes there are high-altitude obstacles on the transportation road, and it is necessary to accurately calculate the minimum running height of the trailer loaded with cargo. At this time, the tire deformation caused by different loads and the impact of the flatness of the trailer's cargo platform should be considered, and a certain margin should be left. the amount.

The height adjustment of the hydraulic flatbed trailer is also one of its outstanding features. Using this feature, the cargo can be self-loaded and unloaded, or the height of the trailer can be reduced to pass through high-altitude obstacles, or the extra-wide part of the cargo can be cleared through obstacles such as highway guardrails when the cargo is too high.



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