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What is hydraulic axle line trailer

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Overview of hydraulic multi axle trailer :

 Hydraulic multi axle trailer is commonly used hydraulic axis car, also known as the hydraulic module car, the car has the characteristics of compact structure, large bearing capacity, small turning radius and so on, the main beam strength after special strengthening can bear more concentrated load, steering cylinder built-in, steering force is large and convenient and practical.

The connection between unit car and unit car is made of multi-group connecting pieces which are now common abroad. The connection strength is high, it is not easy to break, and the stitching is convenient, which can greatly improve the stitching speed.Hydraulic Axle Modular Trailer suppliers- XIAN HYZER

Hydraulic multi axle trailer main composition :

1) Main girder: it is welded with high strength steel into I-shape, and the connecting ear plate is arranged at the lower part of the main girder at both ends of the module.

2) auxiliary beam: welded with high strength steel, and the main beam to form the bearing structure frame of the axis car.

3) Beam: connect the main beam and the auxiliary beam.

4) oblique support: support the main beam and auxiliary beam.

5) End beam: steering end beam, connecting end beam and retaining beam.

6) Suspension system: supported on the auxiliary beam, play the role of supporting and connecting the wheel shaft. The suspension system includes a walking mechanism.

7) Steering system: transfer steering.

8) Hydraulic system: provides and transmits hydraulic power for suspension and steering.

9) Brake system: including driving brake and parking brake, which is composed of air path, control system and actuator.

10), connecting device: connecting pin, connecting bolt, connecting block, etc.

11), auxiliary equipment: power unit, gooseneck, traction rod, control box, etc.

hydraulic multi axle trailer is widely used in bridge and tunnel construction, electric power construction, petrochemical construction and other large objects long distance transportation of special equipment; Adopt the international most advanced design concept, light weight, large load, wide range of adaptation, reliable and durable; The modular structure can be combined horizontally and vertically; Bicycle 2 ~ 7 axis; Combined after the deadweight tonnage from 50 tons to 3500 tons; The greatest advantage of this series of hydraulic axis cars is: the possibility of multiple combinations. For the high medium height of bulk goods, can use multiple modular cargo platform for horizontal and vertical stitching, users can according to the different weight of the goods and the combination of length, breadth, accordingly, to meet the requirements of cargo transportation, at the same time reduce the transportation cost, shorten the transportation period, such as with custom turntables and concave module, can expand into loose trailer and concave type flat car, Transport of super-long structures and super-high cargo.



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