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What is a side by side trailer

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Side by side connection trailer description

In order to adapt to the quality and size of the goods and meet the passing capacity requirements of roads, bridges, and high-altitude obstacles, hydraulic flatbed trailers are often spliced and combined on the basis of their basic forms, or some components are added to form a new vehicle group form. This time, we will introduce the horizontal combination of hydraulic flatbed trailers that are commonly used in large-scale transportation. It can be used to transport oversized and oversized cargo.

Side by side connection trailer

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When the goods are super wide, overweight or have a high center of gravity, they are often loaded in the form of horizontal splicing of trailers, that is, two or more trailers are spliced together horizontally in parallel. During horizontal splicing, the steering between the trailers must be connected according to certain rules, so that the instantaneous steering centers of the spliced trailers coincide when turning. The suspension hydraulic support circuits between the trailers must also be connected so that all wheels of the horizontal trailer are evenly stressed. The lateral rigidity of the trailer is mostly connected by the weight of the cargo itself, that is, the bottom surface of the cargo or the width of the cargo bracket should be greater than the lateral center of the two spliced trailers.

There can be 2 trailers (4 tandems) or n trailers (2n tandems, n is a natural number) during horizontal splicing. There are also 1/2 trailers (1 tandem) dedicated to horizontal splicing. At this time, they can also be assembled into 2n+1 tandems, such as 3 tandems and 5 tandems. The more common ones are 3 tandem trailers.

The horizontal trailer can be towed by a tractor, or can be towed by a trailer drive module of a self-propelled trailer. When combining trailers horizontally, the distance between trailers can be set according to the cargo situation. The steering connection between the trailers can be connected by a tie rod system, or it can be controlled by a computer through a cable connection. The size of the goods is large, and the horizontal and vertical combination of the large distance between the trailers is combined. The steering is controlled by the computer through the cable connection.

Any combination of full-slewing trailers

The full-turn trailer independently controls the steering of each wheel through the computer, so the full-turn trailer can be combined with trailers at any angle and position. There is a special program in the azimuth trailer computer to combine the steering settings of the trailer in any way. The steering of the combined trailer is the same as that of a full-turn trailer, and it can still achieve 360° full-turn, crab-walking and turning around any turning center, giving full play to its flexible turning characteristics.

Since the trailers can be combined at any angle and position, the position of the trailers can be arranged arbitrarily according to the loading conditions at the bottom of the cargo, which makes the trailer allocation more reasonable and economical. After the combination of any angle and position of the full-turn trailer, the suspension hydraulic support system between the trailers must be connected together according to certain rules to ensure that the wheels of each trailer are equal in force and the overall stability of the combined trailer.



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