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What is a shipyard transporter?

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Shipyard transporter (self-propelled heavy hydraulic flat trailer) is the main transportation equipment for large workpieces, such as hull sections and marine main engines in the shipyard.

The shipyard transporter is driven by static pressure, and the hydraulic walking system is composed of Da variable pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, sensor and electronic control components. The suspension system is hydraulic suspension, three-point support or four-point support, with flat lifting and flat lowering function.

The steering system is independent steering, driven by oil cylinder and controlled by microcomputer, which can realize figure eight steering, central rotation and α Angle oblique... And other steering modes.Shipyard Transporter-Hyzer

Usage features of shipyard transporter  

Because the shipyard transporter has the lifting function of cargo platform, it can realize the function of lifting machinery. The independent steering function enables the trailer to turn at any angle, which greatly increases the flexibility of the vehicle.

Our product design implements the principles of standardization, generalization, systematization, energy conservation and environmental protection. The technical level and comprehensive performance of the whole vehicle have reached the domestic advanced level.

Parameters and performance description of shipyard transporter  

1. The design fully absorbs the essence of similar products in the world, and takes safety and reliability as the focus of product design.

2. The main parts and components of our shipyard transporter are international and domestic famous brands, which has laid a solid foundation for the safety and reliability of the products.

3. Axle, suspension, oil cylinder and other important parts are produced by domestic professional manufacturers with reliable quality and guaranteed service.



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