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What is 16m heavy duty platform trailer

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This 16m heavy duty platform trailer 

is a traction vehicle used in factories, logistics and ports. Loading capacity, main dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements. Good bending resistance, not easy to bend down. The traction frame reduces the impact when the vehicle starts and stops, effectively protects the safety of the vehicle, and the wheel steering. Front overhang steering, rear overhang orientation. Rear suspension for double suspension, high strength buffer spring, in the process of transportation, the road is uneven still can walk on the ground. Equipped with cartridge hole, can transport round steel, logs and other cylindrical goods.

Specifications of the 16m heavy duty platform trailer : 

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Tyres: special tires for flatbed trailers (iron core rubber solid tires, white inflatable tires or other special tires)

Steering mode: front overhang steering, rear overhang directional.

Form of shock absorption: high strength spring shock absorption

Traction mode: rectangular tube traction frame (with spring fall prevention and buffer) or other customized traction frame.

Surface treatment: rust removal, oxidation removal, antirust paint, finish treatment.

Processing mode: OEM processing, non-standard custom.

It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient application, convenient maintenance, large bearing capacity and long service life.



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