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What are the differences between semi trailers?

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Trailer is an important type of road transportation and is one of many commercial vehicles. It is mainly a vehicle that is towed by a car and has no power drive itself. The trailers you see on the road are all pulled by a tractor or a truck. Yes, the one driving in the front is the main vehicle, and the one pulling behind is the trailer. With the rapid development of the trailer manufacturing industry, a variety of trailers have appeared in the market. Today, I will tell you what is a full trailer, what is a semi-trailer, and some common trailer models.

The difference between a full trailer and a special semi trailer

Many people will ask what is the difference between a full-trailer and a semi-trailer. In fact, the full-trailer and the semi-trailer are just different from the connection method of the front towing vehicle. A full-trailer or a semi-trailer does not have its own power unit either. A full-trailer is that the front end of the trailer is connected to the rear end of the tractor. The tractor only provides pulling force and does not bear weight. The semi-trailer is that the front half of the trailer rides on the traction saddle above the rear section of the tractor, and the axle behind the tractor bears part of the weight of the trailer. The most common semi-trailers are trailers and large container carriers.

Like (a) this connection is a full trailer, (b) this connection is a semi-trailer, (c) a double-trailer car, (d) a full-trailer semi-trailer, (e, f) a special trailer.semi trailers for sale -Hyzer

Common Trailer Models

I believe everyone knows that when buying a semi-trailer, you need to determine the configuration of the semi-trailer according to the goods you transport, and then determine the settings of the semi-trailer according to the configuration and chassis. The semi-trailer is also divided according to the actual use. The following is a list of several common semi-trailer models.

1. Self-dumping semi-trailer: The carriage adopts rollover and backward dumping methods: light and medium-sized ordinary dump trailers for road transportation are mainly responsible for the transportation of loose goods such as sand, soil, and coal, and are usually used in conjunction with loaders.

2. Warehouse gate semi-trailer: The warehouse gate semi-trailer is a semi-trailer designed with a fence structure in the cargo part. Mainly used for the transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other light foam goods.

3. Container semi-trailer: The container semi-trailer is a semi-trailer whose cargo part is a container structure. Mainly used in logistics systems supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport.

4. Van semi-trailer: The van semi-trailer series products are used for the transportation of household appliances, light textile goods, coal, sand and other building materials, as well as the goods on the chart.

5. Tank-type semi-trailer: The tank-type semi-trailer is a semi-trailer whose cargo part is a tank-type structure. Mainly used for transporting liquids, bulk materials and bulk cement.

The use of semi-trailers is very extensive. The economy of semi-trailers is unmatched by ordinary trucks. Due to the strong carrying capacity and large loading capacity of semi-trailers, one truck can carry 3 times the goods of ordinary trucks, and the cost is indeed 1.5 times that of ordinary trucks. It can be seen from this that the economic benefits brought by semi-trailers to customers are very considerable.

In addition, there are special semi-trailers:

1. According to the purpose of the semi-trailer, it can be divided into: tank semi-trailer, low-bed semi-trailer, high-low-high semi-trailer. Tank semi-trailers are generally suitable for the transportation of liquefied gas, bulk cement, and dangerous gases, including oil semi-trailers. The low-bed semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of large items, the transportation of wind blades, the transportation of containers, the transportation of excavators, etc. The high-low-high semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of large-scale goods and belongs to the ultra-low-low flatbed semi-trailer.

2. Low flatbed semi-trailer is further divided into pull-out low flatbed semitrailer, high and low high and low flatbed semitrailer

The low-bed semi-trailer has no fence in the on-board part and is widely used, mainly used for medium and long-distance freight transportation. The frame of the series semi-trailer is a through-beam structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts a straight live gooseneck type. The height of the web is from 400mm to 550mm, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot peened, and the cross beam penetrates the longitudinal beam and is welded as a whole. It is composed of a series dry leaf spring and a suspension bearing, with a reasonable structure, strong rigidity and strength, and is used to support the load and buffer the shock. 

Low flatbed semi-trailers are usually used to transport heavy-duty vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machines, forestry machines, agricultural machines and other heavy-duty goods. The lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety. The stronger the ability. Low-bed semi-trailer structure and loading, low-bed semi-trailer usually adopts a concave beam frame, that is, the front section of the frame is a gooseneck, the middle section is a cargo platform, and the rear end is a wheel frame. 

When loading mechanical equipment on a low-bed semi-trailer, the mechanical equipment is usually loaded from the rear end of the semi-trailer, that is, the mechanical equipment is moved from the rear wheel frame or the wheels are removed, and then the mechanical equipment is fixed on the semi-trailer. superior. The walking structure of the low-plate semi-trailer is made of high-strength international steel material, and the whole vehicle is light in weight, and ensures its anti-torsion, anti-vibration, anti-bump ability, and meets the bearing capacity of different road surfaces.



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