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Vehicle transportation semitrailer of the introduction

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A semi-trailer with a fence structure designed to carry the goods.  Mainly carrying cars, but also can carry vans, commercial vehicles, jeeps and other passenger vehicles.  

1, the body is a bar, cabinet structure, light structure, light weight, most of the upper and lower two-layer loading platform, the platform will be opened by hydraulic cylinder, wire rope pulley structure, smooth lifting, high positioning and other advantages. hydraulic axles modular trailer - XIAN HYZER

 2, light structure: the whole vehicle adopts the structure of the beam frame, the whole frame bearing capacity, without the longitudinal structure of the semi-trailer, light weight, about 30% lighter than the weight of similar vehicles. 

 3, safe and convenient operation: all loading and unloading platform lifting control operation is reliable, can be clearly observed, accurate operation.  

4, suspension system: the use of unique plate spring under the suspension system, variable cross section plate spring, ride comfort is good.  



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