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Three important parameters of semi-trailer

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The third of several important parameters that should be considered in semi-trailer design. Determination and selection of axle load weight distribution

After the load weight of the semi-trailer is known and the curb weight of each part of the semi-trailer is estimated, the axle load mass of the semi-trailer can be calculated. Assuming the effect of the mass and loading quality of the various parts of the known semi-trailer on the frame is a uniform load, and taking the distance between the support points of the traction seat or the rear axle support point, the axle load mass distribution of the semi-trailer can be obtained.

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When the axle load mass is calculated, first check whether the load at the traction pin meets the allowable load at the saddle of the tractor, and then check whether the rear axle load is overloaded. If one of the two cannot meet the requirements, the wheelbase should be adjusted. Until the requirements are met.



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