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This Is The World's Highest Steel Flexible Wind Turbine

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Witness the power of China again! This is the world's highest steel flexible wind turbine!

In the early morning of December 4th, with the successful release of the last blade fixture, the 33 units of wind turbine of the Thailand GNP wind power project were successfully completed, which is a general contractor of China Electric Power Construction Central South Branch.

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Project Overview: The Thailand GNP wind power project located in the Huai Bong District, Dan Khun Thot County, Nakhon Ratchasima province. The owner is Thailand GNP (GREENOVATION POWER LIMITED) company. The total installed capacity is 67.5 MW, and 33 unit of Gamesa G114 wind turbine, among of them 15 units are 2.1 MW and 18 units are 2 MW. The hub height is 153 meters. Towers was built by Wuzhou engineering equipment manufacturing company limited, which is the world's highest inland steel project started construction on July 4th, 2016, and was connected with Thailand national grid through the 115KV boost. The project is being planed to achieve the grid on January 23rd, 2018 and the final transfer on April 24th, 2018.

From January 28th, 2017, the first wind turbine foundation of Thailand GNP wind power project began pouring. By October 6th, the last one was completed. Moreover, during this period, 10 units of wind turbine foundation were adjust the position as per owner’s needs due to air lines. All members of the project spent the 40 times from the sunset to the sunrise and accumulating over 560 hours to finish all of wind turbine foundation construction with good quality.

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From July 5th, the first unit wind turbine was begun to be pre-lift. On December 4th, all lifting operations were successfully completed. All members of the project are actively shift rotation and careful supervision, with 89 restless all night andine 152 days wind and rain, to ensure safety on-site hoisting of 429times of large parts for all of 33 units of wind turbine.

In this process, in order to solve the problem of the temperature crack of mass concrete of wind turbine foundation in Thailand tropical conditions. The project established the special department of foundation crack control QC group. Under  uninterrupted monitoring, investigation and coordination in the pit of average temperature above 35 degrees, finally they completely controlled the temperature crack of foundation through the adjustment of water cooling mode, continuous and interval adding ice,delay water cooling cycle. 

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Thailand GNP project hub height with 153 meters, is currently the world's highest ground flexible steel tower unit. In the process of lifting, The project department has also set up the hoisting process control QC group named "battle 153", to solve the ultra high large-scale inland transport and heavy equipment shipping coordination, ultra-high tower tube in the condition of multi unit vortex resonance control problem, many turbines operation entering the site in the scope of the limited platform, to ensure that lifting operations were successfully completed  under the limited resources and time range.

After nearly 10 months' hard work, all the members of Thailand GNP project have overcome the pressure from the owners, reversed the weakness from the sub contractors, and demonstrated the courage of the South Central Academy of electric power construction. In the survey of owner satisfaction of the 2017 International project, the project department obtained the owners of 100% excellent evaluation, which not only enlarges the China power construction of brand influence in the Thailand market, but also in response to the national "The Belt and Road" initiative, lay a good base for the further development of other Southeast Asia market.

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