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The Hydraulic Trailer Is A Means Of Transport

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Hydraulic trailers, also known as low-level transport, are in the car insurance tools in the lifting equipment. In the repair gearbox will be used when the more suitable for trench repair gearbox.

Hydraulic trailer performance is mainly from the following aspects to determine: bearing capacity, lifting height. Like Jinan Tanaka trade tractor load 650kg, lifting height of 750mm, Hydraulic Modular Trailer and his support frame is reinforced thickening, like this gearbox is a high-quality hydraulic trailer.

The hydraulic trailer comprises a handle and a support leg, and a forked auxiliary support bracket is arranged between the handle and the support leg. Hydraulic Modular Trailer The hydraulic trailer with the auxiliary connecting bracket of the present invention utilizes the forked auxiliary connecting bracket to greatly reduce the turning radius and extend the application range of the hydraulic trailer even if it can be flexibly rotated in a narrow place.

The handle bar of the hydraulic trailer comprises a rod beam, the top of the rod beam is provided with a handle operating part, the bottom of the rod is provided with an upwardly curved tent, The opening is detachably connected to a roller portion. Hydraulic Modular Trailer The handlebar of the hydraulic trailer of the present invention is provided with an upwardly curved raised portion at the bottom of the rod beam, which can significantly improve the effective lifting height of the handle device, and the user only needs to move a smaller distance and the whole trailer can rise Large height, greatly reducing the user's labor intensity. The device has a simple structure and is easy to use.

In fact, the hydraulic trailer in the use of the process has a high economic efficiency, has been the most dependent on the logistics industry, the most important is the logistics industry in the logistics industry, Of a kind of transport, then the hydraulic trailer has what kind of performance characteristics, why is the user's favorite and favor it?

1, the hydraulic trailer is a double spring buffer type of internal traction mechanism, Hydraulic Modular Trailer this mechanism can effectively prevent the vehicle started or when the brakes when the goods damaged.

2, the hydraulic trailer in the traction cage can be adjusted up and down, different types of traction only need to simply adjust it.

3, the hydraulic trailer is used in the floating frame, and some traditional vehicles, compared with a longer life.

4, hydraulic trailer tires are used in the more well-known brand tires, Hydraulic Modular Trailer the use of the effect is very good and high flexibility, with strong wear resistance. 

5, the hydraulic trailer in the configuration of the universal connector, Hydraulic Modular Trailer so the overall operation more flexible and convenient.



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