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The composition of the self-propelled modular vehicle

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In the field of large-scale transportation, we often see the words SPMT axis car, Nicholas axis car and brand names such as Scheuerle, Goldhofer, Cometto. Today, we will talk to you about the structure and composition of these cars and their magic.

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SPMT is Self-propelled modular transporter, which can be translated as self-propelled modular transporter.

What's the meaning of "self" in self-propelled modular trailer?

Self-propelled modular vehicles usually consist of a power box (also called PPU), a trailer drive module with hydraulic motor drive wheels, and a flatbed trailer.

Different models of PPU:

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The engine, hydraulic pump and hydraulic oil tank are installed in the power box (PPU), which mainly provides hydraulic power for the hydraulic motor that drives the trailer to walk, and also provides hydraulic power for the supporting hydraulic cylinder and steering hydraulic cylinder of the trailer suspension. The picture above shows four different specifications of PPU (Power Pack Units) of Tii Group, where EUx and Tier x represent the emission standards they meet respectively.

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At the same time, when PPUs with different powers are adapted to the vehicle group, it also needs to be determined through the relevant power check calculation. The power of the selected PPU is related to the total number of axles and the number of drive axles of the matched vehicle group.

The trailer drive module is located at the front of the entire trailer, and the power box is suspended at the front end. Hydraulic motors are installed in the wheels to provide traction for the vehicle group, and at the same time, carry the goods together with the flatbed trailer.

Self-propelled vehicle group controller

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The steering and speed of the trailer can be controlled via a corded or wirelessly connected operating box, which can be hung on the driver's chest and manipulated in the best viewing position next to the trailer.

If subdivided, according to the steering structure, it can be divided into ordinary self-propelled vehicles and azimuth self-propelled vehicles. The steering system of the ordinary self-propelled vehicle group mainly uses a mechanical linkage mechanism to connect the steering of each wheel. (As shown below)

Mechanical linkage steering structure

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The azimuth self-propelled vehicle group is equipped with an independent steering hydraulic cylinder and an electronic angle sensor on each suspension. Through computer control, each wheel can be steered according to the rules set by the computer program. (As shown below)

The steering method of the azimuth train

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The common self-propelled train structure is suitable for self-propelled trains with fewer axles. For the self-propelled train set with a large number of axles, due to the increase in the length of the body, it is necessary to use an azimuth steering structure to improve the flexibility of the vehicle; therefore, the azimuth self-propelled train set structure is suitable for the self-propelled train set with a large number of axles. car crew.

What is a "module" of self-propelled platform trailer?

The module reflects its flexible splicability. Both the self-propelled trailer drive module and the flatbed trailer are modular structures that can be spliced vertically and horizontally. It can adapt to goods of different quality and size through any form of splicing.

Horizontally spliced self-propelled vehicle combination

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Longitudinal spliced self-propelled vehicle combination

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The combination of self-propelled vehicle group that expands horizontally and vertically at the same time

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Splicing scheme at any position and angle

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As shown in the figure above, the combination of modular trailers can have a certain distance between each other and adapt to the shape of special goods. The trailers are connected by cables to meet the control requirements.

In addition, the body height can be changed using its own hydraulic system. It better adapts to the height limit requirements in transportation and also facilitates the loading and unloading of goods.

Hydraulic lift system

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Shipping case

Combination of BOHNET for the transport of reaction vessels on a long cargo trailer

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Combination for low-bed trailer transport power facilities

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