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SPMT With AC Power


For heavy load, usually SPMT is equipped with diesel engine. At present, we have new design and product, that is, Self-Proprlled Modular Trailer is equipped with electric motor(AC power). SPMT with AC power is used in workshop, in-plant, rail industry, driven by AC with 100-200m cable.

New SPMT is equipped with a wireless remote control. Main functions like drive system, steering via the integrated on board computer terminal, lifting and lowering as well as emergency stop are installed on the mobile operator board.The remote control can be wired controlled.

New SPMT also has steering function of heavy load SPMT, such as, Normal drive, Diagonal drive, Steering in front axle, Steering in back axle, Cross-drive, Carousel drive, Parking mode, Truck drive crosswise.

SPMT With AC Power1SPMT With AC Power3

The following is drawing for 25ton loading capacity for reference:

SPMT With AC Power2