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SPMT Self Propelled Trailers Heavy Lifting Equipment



SPMT is a platform truck that is assembled with modules. It can be coupled to a variety of sizes and load capacities. The basic unit of the SPMT is a unit of a 4-axis or 6-axis module with a unit power unit (PPU). We have mastered the technical expertise of the 1000-axis modular coupling with a maximum load of 20,000 tons. The transporter can meet the special transportation needs of large structures. It is widely used in large-scale structural transportation, overpass construction, marine engineering, metallurgy and tunnel construction. The SPMT consists of a power unit (PPU) and a hydraulic module with a drive shaft. Steering modes include omnidirectional steering and coordinated steering.


We produce GD3.0 SPMT and G3.0 SPMT. Both of them are able to connect and work with Goldhofer PST and THP/SL modular trailers.
GD3.0 is electronic steering system.
G3.0 is connecting rod system.
Equipped with power pack unit(PPU) and drive axles module, hydraulic modular trailer turned into G3.0 SPMT and GD3.0 SPMT.
8-tyre per axle line, pressure to ground is lower than that of S2.43 SPMT transporter.


SPMT can also be coupled with platform modular trailers. Same height, same width, same couplings – This is the economic supplement/solution in order to create Self-Propelled Transporter units with your existing modular trailers/Multi Axle.


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