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SPMT module flatbed mobile house (3)

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Actual operation process with SPMT

Concrete Pallet Construction of Tonghe Yuyin

The underpinning structure is a plane frame concrete structure, forming a tray structure on the ground floor. The pallet is composed of clip wall beams, tie beams and lift beams. The sandwich beam is a symmetrical two-beam structure that is closely arranged on both sides of the house wall, and the load of the house is transmitted through the connection force between the sandwich beam and the wall. The surface of the wall that is in close contact with the clip wall beam needs to be pre-chiseled. A short beam connection (through the wall) is set at a certain length between the two symmetrical wall beams to ensure the effective closeness of the wall beams and the wall. The tie beams are appropriately set according to the spacing between the walls to increase the overall stability of the pallet.

Tonghe Yuyin number rises simultaneously

The house is jacked up with a jack-up upper pallet structure, steel plates are embedded at the jacking fulcrum and jacks are installed, and the temporary support positions are distributed on the underside of the original wall. Simultaneous lifting of old buildings.

Upper tray and structural reinforcement

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Jacking point layout

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Translation process

Road leveling: take corresponding leveling and reinforcement measures according to the site geological conditions, such as replacement, grouting or laying of subgrade box slabs. This project plans to use the existing reinforced concrete hardened pavement as the translation foundation. Lay steel plates on the weak areas of the translation subgrade.

Translation construction: 

1. Foundation disconnection: Before translation, the house is supported by a temporary support structure, and then the foundation under the house pallet is cut and disconnected. The cutting is performed by a wire saw, which is fast and convenient. Then implement the jacking, which is convenient for the trailer to enter. 

2. Translation: The translation process is completely controlled by the flatbed's own computer, and the translation speed is controlled within 50m/h. The translation process automatically adapts to the uneven road conditions of the translation road, automatically adjusts the level of the house, and the wheel is automatically adjustable up and down to ±30cm. Safe and reliable.


The SPMT module flatbed truck smoothly translates the old building into place, which reduces the translation time, improves the work efficiency and reduces the construction cost.



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