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Shipyard Transporter

Shipyard transporter (self-propelled heavy duty hydraulic trailer (transporter)) is the main equipment for transporting the ship section, ship engine and other big components in shipyard, provides exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces by utilizing advanced steering technology, carries out very sensitive and precise driving maneuvers by the huge platform in order to accurately position hull blocks in intended assembly areas.

Shipyard transporter also known as construction machinery transporter, which is mainly used to transport non-detachable objects like excavators, loaders and harvesters. Shipyard transporters are large-scale trucks that are common in life. These vehicles are generally used in large-scale production or engineering sites such as shipyards and factories.

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1. The shipyard transporter has a short production cycle;

2. The use of high-elastic solid tires can enhance the load carrying capacity and service life of the transporter, and reduce the damage caused by the bumps of the vehicle during driving.

3. The double suspension suspension bracket can adjust the balance and stability of the flatbed by itself;

4. The pin material of each joint part is made of alloy steel and processed by special treatment;

5. Reasonable design, using square steel beams to increase the bearing capacity and improve the stability of the vehicle;

6. The rear ladder is a reinforced square steel skeleton with double spring support, which is easy to bounce and easy to lower;

7. The upper part of shipyard transporter adopts a reinforced rectangular tube as a skeleton, and the upper part of the rectangular tube is formed by welding with a tread plate, the process is simple, the welding deformation is small, and the control is easy;

8. According to the customer's requirements, the hydraulic expansion and widening plate can be installed on both sides of the flat plate to increase the width of the flat plate for the transportation of ultra-wide cargo.

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