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Semi-trailer wheelbase's adjustment steps

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Wheelbase adjustment steps of special semi-trailer

1. Clean the head of the traction pin, use a lifting hammer to mark on the ground based on the center of the traction pin, as shown in the right group of drawings.

2. Check the sharp cone of the benchmark with the wheelbase, align the center point of the axle head end cover of 1 and 2 bridges, and mark the left and right center of the first bridge on the ground at the same position with a hanging hammer, as shown in the following low boy trailer - HYZER

How to determine the center point of axle end cover of front loading trailer?

1. The center point of BPW bridge end cover is the center triangle of W.

2. There is no obvious center mark on the end cover of other axles. Please mark the center on the end cover first, or take the mark during axle processing as the mark.

Note: the marks on both ends of the axle must be in the same position.

3. Isosceles and wheelbase standards

Isosceles: marks from the traction pin to the marks at both ends of the axle, as shown in the right figure, the difference between the left and right dimensions L1 and L2 shall be less than 5mm.

Wheelbase: the distance between the left and right center points of the first bridge and the second bridge and the second bridge and the third bridge, as shown in the right figure, the difference between A1 and A2, A3 and A4 shall be less than 3mm.

4. Isosceles and wheelbase adjustment 

When the isosceles and wheelbase data error of the trailer exceeds the standard, it needs to be adjusted.

First adjust the first bridge (reference bridge). During adjustment, first remove the cotter pins on the four locking bolts of the adjustable tension rod and loosen the nuts. Turn the hexagonal double head screw in the adjustable pull rod to move the axle forward (backward), ensure that the left and right isosceles of the axle are within the standard range, and the absolute value of [L1-L2] is less than 5mm.

After adjusting the first axle (reference axle), connect the tractor with the trailer, slowly move the vehicle back and forth, separate the main and trailer again, retest and adjust the isosceles until it is qualified.custom detachable lowboy - HYZER

After the isosceles of the first bridge are adjusted, take the first bridge as the benchmark and measure the distance between the first bridge and the second bridge with the wheelbase measuring benchmark.

Repeat the above steps to adjust the second bridge, and so on to adjust the third bridge.

Other situations and precautions of special semi-trailer wheelbase's adjustment

When it is on site or does not meet the conditions (if there is no wheelbase measurement benchmark), the following methods can be adopted: when determining the centers at both ends of the axle, a square can be used to help find out the marks of the centers at both ends of the axle on the ground.

When measuring the wheelbase of two adjacent axles, the same position on the steel ring edge of two axles can be measured with a tape measure. The error of this method is slightly larger and can be used temporarily.

After the isosceles and wheelbase of the trailer are adjusted, the locking bolt on the adjustable tension rod must be tightened, the torque must reach 180n / m, and the cotter pin must be installed to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

If you have any questions or questions, it is recommended to contact the after-sales service personnel or technicians of the vehicle manufacturer.



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