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Semi-trailer reversing skills

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Always remember to control the steering wheel lock to rotate in the opposite direction to the reverse direction of the car, and observe the reversing mirror when reversing the trailer. A little more adjustment is appropriate.

Principle of low boy trailer 

It is a pushing process for the head to change the driving direction of the carriage through the grinding plate. The carriage is changed by the passing force of the head, and the front wheel, driving wheel and rear wheel can continuously adjust the direction through the triangular support principle. Reversing the semi-trailer is a process of continuously adjusting the direction.


There are two types of special semi-trailer reversing 

1. Method for parallel parking of semi-trailer to the right

First, turn the direction to the left, and then reverse slowly. When one third of the left side of the trailer's front appears in the left rear-view mirror, you need to stop and turn the direction to the right, and reverse slowly. When the trailer and the front are in a straight line, turn the direction back to the right, turn back to the left, and adjust it several times while reversing.

2. Method for reversing a semi-trailer in a straight line

First, straighten the whole vehicle and look at the left and right rear-view mirrors when reversing. When reversing the semi-trailer, the direction of the steering wheel is just opposite to the direction of the rear-view mirror on the left. If the rear of the trailer appears in the rear-view mirror on the left, it means that the vehicle deviates to the left and should turn to the left. In this way, the trailer will turn to the right. If the rear-view mirror appears on the right, it means that it deviates to the right. It should turn to the right and the rear-view mirror on the left, Don't drive too far and reverse slowly, so you can have time and distance to adjust.




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