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Semi trailer brake system design brief introduction

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Semi trailer brake system design brief introduction and several commonly used five minute emergency treatment methods:

Raw tape

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The PVC main pipe of the brake system is worn out and the air leakage part is cut off, and the two ends are connected with the quick connector.

Stainless steel quick coupling

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The connecting pipe of the sub-pump of the brake system is damaged, and the leather bowl of the sub-pump air chamber leaks air. It is difficult to find a suitable pipe at the moment or there is no special tool to remove the leather bowl, so it is difficult to replace the pipe on site and the vehicle cannot run. What should I do?

(1) Emergency measures for damage of parking brake pipeline or air chamber

Parking brake pipeline distribution valve interface diagram

The red arrow is the intake port of the parking pipe. If the parking brake (air brake) pipeline is damaged, unscrew the intake end connector of the damaged pipeline and tighten the intake port with a plug. At this time, the pipeline is disconnected, and the intake port is temporarily blocked without air pressure, which ensures the normal work of other pipelines of the whole braking system.

Parking brake bolt release position diagram

Parking brake release bolt loosened state

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At the same time, the parking lifting screw of the spinning brake sub-pump or the adjusting brake arm loosens the brake, then the emergency parking brake lifting work is completed, and the vehicle can continue to drive after breaking off the damaged pipeline.

Diagram of connecting pin between brake sub pump and adjusting arm

However, it should be noted that for the vehicles equipped with automatic adjusting arm, the method of loosening the adjusting arm is invalid. The connecting pin of the adjusting arm pump should be removed before the parking brake can be lifted.

② emergency measures for damage of brake line or air chamber

Brake line distribution interface with ABS anti-lock braking system

The damage of the brake pipeline is relatively simple. Similarly, the inlet end of the damaged pipeline (relay valve or ABS solenoid valve direction) joint is unscrewed, and the intake port is tightened with a plug. The vehicle can be driven in an emergency. It should be noted that the tire on the side of the damaged pipeline does not brake at this time. It should pay attention to safety when driving in an emergency.

Regardless of which method, the damaged parts should be repaired in the first time after the vehicle is driven to the safe area to ensure safety first.



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