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SPMT Trailer Module Transportation

SPMT Trailer Module Transportation

Nicolas SPMT---Our N3.0 SPMT could be connected and work with Nicolas SPMT (self propelled modular trailer). SPMT can also be coupled with platform modular trailers.

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SPMT (self-propelled modular transport vehicle) consists of hydraulic suspension shaft, drive axle (using REXROTH brake system, rack and pinion steering system, wireless control system and power unit), many electronic parts and PPU built-in up to 195kw horizontal The diesel engine consists of power for movement, steering and lift.


SPMT is widely used in transportation equipment such as nuclear reaction towers, shipbuilding port cranes, railway bridge construction, offshore, port logistics (loading/output), energy construction, and ecological energy industries.


SPMT can also be coupled with platform modular trailers. Same height, same width, same couplings – This is the economic supplement/solution in order to create Self-Propelled Transporter units with your existing modular trailers/Multi Axle.


heavy lift equipment

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