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Self-Loading Container Trailer



The self-loading container trailer is loaded and unloaded by a pair of cranes (hydraulic arms) installed at both ends of the trailer chassis. No need to use other lifting equipment such as forklifts, cranes, etc. The entire operation from the trailer to the ground takes only a few minutes, increasing efficiency and productivity. This not only saves money for transportation operators, but also saves time.

Self-loading container trailers can be transported independently, loading and unloading 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Flatbed trailers are a common type of vehicle because they are easier to handle large, heavy cargo and can hold more cargo than other models of the same specification. It is also used for transportation, loading and unloading of special fuel tank containers, industrial equipment, special vehicles, portable construction, etc.

Self-loading container trailer uses inflatable solid tires with low panel height and large loading capacity, without the risk of broken tires and punctures. Safe, simple and durable. There is no power in itself, and it is necessary to tractor or forklift to carry the towing. A vehicle consisting of one or more flatbed trucks and a forklift or tractor is usually used for the plane transport of goods or the handling of large equipment.


1. Power output (PTO) or diesel APU.

2. The Sideloader can be slid to accommodate containers from 20 feet to 40 feet.

3. Wireless remote control / manual operation.

4. It can control engine throttle size and engine speed to improve work efficiency.

5. The front and rear cranes can work together and separate, making it easy to adjust the container.

6. Safety control with stop button.

7. Beautiful appearance, reliable performance, easy operation, easy to manufacture and maintain.


Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and large warehouses to greatly improve the efficiency of cargo transfer and reduce the cost of forklift and labor.

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