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Scheuerle Type SPMT

1.Our S2.43 SPMT could be connected and work with Scheuerle SPMT (self propelled modular trailer)
2. SPMT is also named as self propelled modular trailers,self propelled transporters,modular transporter
3.SPMT can also be coupled with platform modular trailers

Scheuerle Type SPMT2

Scheuerle Type SPMT Feature

1. Platform width of 2.43 meters wide self propelled modular transporters is narrow enough for standard container transport.
2. High carrying capacity per unit area. Suitable for concentrated transport heavy load cargoes. Platform vehicle carrying capacity up to: 10.8t/m^2. Axle carrying capacity is 40 tons per axle line.
3. Electronically controlled multi-mode independent steering system(suspension) able to side move like crab.
4. 4 tires per axle line.
5.Our S2.43 SPMT could be connected and work with Scheuerle SPMT (self propelled modular trailer).

Scheuerle type SPMT Advantage

Advantage compare with Scheuerle SPMT
1. Stronger dynamic performance.
2. Excellent ability to adapt to the environment.
3. More convenient and efficient operation performance.
4. Better maintainability.
5. With higher core component configuration.
SPMT can also be coupled with platform modular trailers. Same height, same width, same couplings – This is the economic supplement/solution in order to create Self-Propelled Transporter units with your existing modular trailers/Multi Axle.

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