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Scheuerle InterCombi Modular Trailer

1.Our S3.0 model is working perfectly with Scheuerle InterCombi Modular Trailer InterComb trailer
2.It is heavy haulage trailer and also know as hydraulic axle modular trailer and multi axle trailer
3.It also can connect with Drop deck, Spacer, Extendable Vessel Bridge, Turntable, Girder Bridge to transport special cargo

Scheuerle InterCombi type Modular Trailer Introduction

This series of hydraulic axle modular trailers is modular in design and consists of various flow distributors, one-way hydraulic motors, planetary gear reducers, brakes, reels, and racks with one-way balancing valves and lock valves that control the brakes. Each hydraulic axle modular trailer can be connected end-to-end (longitudinal combination) and side-by-side (horizontal combination) to complete the difficult and cumbersome transportation tasks that mechanically suspended trailers (traditional) cannot manufacture.

The threaded steel frame is compact and has a small footprint. This kind of hydraulic axle modular trailer is suitable for use in a variety of lifting and towing equipment such as ships, terminals and automobiles. In addition, the hydraulic axle modular trailer can transfer concentrated weight to each wheel through a hydraulic system that maintains the level of the trailer and cargo while driving on uneven roads and protects the road from overloaded trailers.

heavy haulage trailers Features:

* The modular design makes installation easy and simplifies maintenance.

* The use of a balancing valve ensures smooth running during lifting and lowering operations.

* Surface hardened gears for low noise and smooth operation, excellent load carrying capacity and reliable operation.

* High-strength structural steel, sturdy and durable structure, high bending moment and high concentration bearing capacity.

* It can be connected to drop decks, spacers, retractable bridges, turntables, box girder bridges to transport special cargo.

* Hydraulic suspension, hydraulic steering, adjustable platform height for overweight and oversized cargo transportation.

hydraulic axles modular trailer Application:

* Widely used in construction, engineering, oil refining and other related industries.

* Suitable for long-distance road transport for very large and unusually loaded cargo.

heavy lift trailer Specification:

Product Name Hydraulic axle modular trailer

Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Track (mm)



215/75R17.5 16PR



Turning angle of  the first axle line


Turning radius(mm)

1985(inner),  7065(outer)

Loading capacity  per axle line


Dead weight per  axle line


heavy haul trailer Show:

Hydraulic Axle Modular Trailer (2)

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