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Regarding the "axis car", can you distinguish between several axles and several lines?

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In the transportation of large pieces, we often hear the statement of three lines with six axes and four lines with eight axes. I believe many friends are confused by these professional terms. So, let's talk about the basic parameters of the flatbed trailer today! It will definitely make you understand "several axes and several lines"!

First of all, let's understand the basic concepts of length, width and wheelbase.


Trailer length L

The length of the trailer refers to the length of the cargo platform of the trailer, which is the distance between the front splicing end face of the trailer body and the last splicing end face, as shown in the L dimension above.

Trailer width B

Trailer width refers to the outermost width of the trailer, as shown in dimension B above. In the design of hydraulic flat bed trailer, the outermost side of the tire is as wide as the vehicle body, and the width of the vehicle body is also the width of the cargo platform. Therefore, the width of the trailer is not only the width of the cargo platform of the vehicle group, but also the width of the trailer.

Trailer wheelbase a

The distance between each two axes of the trailer is called the wheelbase, as shown in dimension a above. Hydraulic flat bed trailer is generally set with equal wheelbase.

Here comes the point! Remember this picture first, and then understand it with the following text!


There may be multiple wheels and suspensions on one line. Since most flatbed trailers can be horizontally spliced, the number of axles of the trailer can be adjusted according to the quality or size of the goods.

The number of suspension columns along the lateral direction of the trailer is called the number of vertical columns of the trailer, in other words, the number of suspension (axles) on the axis of a trailer.

The number of tandem of a hydraulic flat trailer that can carry goods independently shall be at least 2. Trailers that can form 3 columns, 4 columns or more columns through horizontal splicing.

In particular, the Multi Axles Hydraulic Modular trailer is introduced.

It is used for transportation of heavy goods above 80t. It is generally applicable to the medium and long distance highway transportation of overweight or non detachable oversized objects [super long, super wide, super high, and overweight] in electric power construction, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, hydropower and thermal power equipment manufacturing, power station construction, heavy machinery manufacturing, oil fields, bridges, loading and unloading operations, railway construction and other industries.

The hydraulic combined trailer [full trailer or semi trailer] is mainly composed of flat grid box girder frame, hydraulic suspension, wheel axles, steering linkage, hydraulic system, air braking system, power unit and other components. It has the advantages of adjustable height of cargo platform, uniform wheel axle load, small turning radius, convenient reversing, etc. The vehicle body can be adjusted to keep the balance position when driving on the up and down ramps and slopes to ensure the stability of the goods. Hydraulic combined trailer adopts modular design to adapt to workpieces with different dimensions and weights, and has the function of longitudinal splicing and transverse splicing.

Introduction to performance parameters of hydraulic axis car:

1. Bearing parameters

The bearing capacity of the axle car is related to the service conditions and environmental conditions. For example, weather, road surface, loading, vehicle speed, vehicle technical conditions and other factors have a greater impact on the bearing capacity. The actual use shall be considered.

1.1 Single bearing

The single axle static load of the two longitudinal light plates is 45 tons, and the single axle dead weight of the axle car is 3.6 tons. Therefore, the single axle static load is about 41 tons.

1.2 Vehicle load

The axle plates can be spliced into different axes, and the vehicle bearing capacity is not a simple addition of single axle bearing capacity. Various influencing factors shall be considered.

1.2.1 Longitudinal bearing curve

The main beam of the axle car has a certain rigidity and strength. If the bending moment of the main beam is too large, exceeding the design limit range of the main beam, it will cause excessive deformation or even damage. The general instructions for use give the allowable value of concentrated load, which shall be observed in use.

1.2.2 Lateral bearing stability

When the center of gravity of goods is high, lateral overturning shall be considered to prevent rollover caused by excessive cross slope or eccentric load. Stability calculations must be carried out. It is generally calculated based on the allowable cross slope angle. It mainly depends on the number of columns of flatbed trucks and the height of gravity center after loading. The empirical formula given by the axle car is: the allowable cross slope angle=the longitudinal coefficient/the height from the center of gravity to the pallet. Column coefficient: 21 for two columns; Take 50 for three vertical columns

1.2.3 Bearing center

The three-point support is adopted, and the bearing center is at the center of the triangle. During loading, the center of gravity of the goods shall be aligned with the bearing center.

The bearing center of the gooseneck shall move forward, considering that the gooseneck bearing capacity is equivalent to more than one axle.



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