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Our Trailer Transport Wind Blade For Pakistan Tapal Wind Farm

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Our Trailer Transport Wind Blade For Pakistan Tapal Wind Farm 

In January 2017, by the International Electric Power Construction Commission, Hydropower consultants operating company officially settled in wind farm booster station Pakistan Tapal wind farm operation project, take full control of tapal wind field operation and maintenance work. Hydropower consulting operating company give full play to its own many years'experience in the operation and maintenance of wind power field, try to do the project operation and maintenance work, ensure Tapal wind farm security and stability and economic operation.

On March 14th, after 7 days of hard fighting, Pakistan Tapal wind farm AIS (air insulated open type switchgear) maintenance work smoothly.After the completion, the project will greatly ease the power shortage in Pakistan, adjust power and energy structure for Pakistan, ease the contradiction between supply and demand, optimize the investment environment, accelerate infrastructure construction, solve the employment, improving people's livelihood, but also the two countries are trying to build a good example set of Pakistan Economic corridor.

It is our great honor that our trailer transport blade and tower for this project.

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