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Oil tank trailer is mainly used for large oil transport

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Oil semi-trailer is mainly used for large oil transportation, the tonnage is generally about 40~60 cubic meters.  Usually there are two - bridge semi - trailer and three - bridge semi - trailer.  The oil semi-trailer square tank material is made of Q235A steel plate. The tank is built with multi-channel enhanced anti-wave baffle plate, and the lower end of the baffle has through holes to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank and improve the strength of the tank.  The combined tank mouth is located at the top of the tank body, and there is a self-locking small cover on the big cover, and a breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the big cover to ensure the same atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank.  With electrostatic grounding wire.  The pump oil system is installed, and the force is taken by the side of the gearbox through the force taker, which can be self-priming and self-discharging.  With two oil pumping tubing, equipped with quick fitting, suction distance of 6 meters.  Two fire extinguishers and special tools. 

 The semi-trailer is divided into two parts, the oil tank and the frame or bracket supporting the tank.  

1. Failure of braking and slow braking  Heavy Hauler Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer - XIAN HYZER

Drum brake friction slices and the gap is too big, adjust the clearance between the brake shoe friction slices of excessive wear, replace the brake shoe brush chamber damaged, replace the air chamber air brake system, dropping pressure leak leak check parts, repair or replacement parts emergency relay valve working poor, replace 

2, Cannot remove brake, brake lifting brake slow reason:  

If the system pressure is too low, increase the pressure of the air brake system to the specified value, the brake return spring is damaged, the replacement spring pipe is blocked, the emergency relay valve or quick release valve is not working well, the push rod stroke of the brake chamber is wrong, and the adjustment is re-adjusted. 

3. Wheel nut loose, tighten the axle bearing sintering, damage, replace the bearing axle bending, correct and replace the axle bearing clearance is too large, correctly tighten the bearing lock nut, timely replace the bearing lubrication grease, replace the axle bearing;  Tyres too eccentric wear, axle shaft axis and the center line of the frame vertical degree exceeds bid badly, adjust the axle ends with distance as far as possible consistent between traction pin 

4, crank shaking resistance too big reason:

 poor lubrication, add lubricating oil bearing damaged, replace the bearing gear eccentric or serious wear and tear, and inspected replacement parts screw thread is damaged, replace the screw.  



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