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The Largest Wind Farm Has Been Approved In Australia

Xian Hyzer Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2018

The largest wind farm has been approved in Australia

Recently, the government of Queensland, Australia, approved the country's largest wind farm project worth $1 billion to build nearly 200 wind turbines in the Bowen basin.

On June 5th (local time), the 800 megawatt Clark Creek project was approved for planning. The developer of the project, Raquel energy, says it will build about 3 years and will create about 350 jobs. The project will provide 3% of Queensland's power generation and a solar component project.

Raquel, head of the energy company said that this is a unique energy project that connects wind and solar resources directly to the grid. The development and approval of wind farms is an important milestone for the project. Raquel energy will work closely with the government of Queensland to assess the acoustic impact of wind farms and its impact on animals and vegetation. 

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