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China Windmill transport trailer

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  • 2017-08-02

    With China's auto consumption demand and maintain the year after year, the automotive industry technology is also changing with each passing day. The engine is the heart of the car, as the engine "flow of parts", with the engine "blood" known as the lubricating oil, can reduce the loss of metal part

  • 2017-03-17

    Do you believe the largest wind power pile leg actually reached 1300 tons? The world's most heavy single wind power pile leg left EEW SPC manufacturing base through self-propelled modular transporter. Its diameter is 7.8 meters with 82.2 meters long and weighs 1302.5 tons. After being painted, it wo

  • 2016-10-18

    At least, the world’s longest windmill blade record is created by the Danish company LM Wind Power. The longest windmill blade in the world is 88.4m long at present. How to transport the world’s longest windmill blade? There is no ready-made transport equipment for such long blade. It is not only to