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Modular self-propelled hydraulic flatbed truck, domineering!

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The flatbed vehicle suspension system is supported on the auxiliary beam to support the axle. The shaft series hydraulic type is divided into three groups of front (rear), left and right. The oil pipes are connected in series to form 3 closed circuits, and each is connected to the valve of the control box. A certain circuit is adjusted through the control box, so that the hydraulic piston suspended on each axle rises or contracts, and the body rises or falls accordingly, and the fluctuation can reach about 70 cm.

cheap SPMT Trailer Module Transportation- XIAN HYZER

This is not only convenient for loading and unloading goods, but also for adjusting the balance of the body, and passing the ramp horizontally or vertically. When encountering bumpy roads, the cylinder pressure balances, each axle suspension will automatically level, adjust the load balance of each wheel, and prevent individual wheels from overloading and puncturing.

The flatbed truck is long and wide. In order to reduce the turning radius, each axle can be turned by 360 degrees, and the steering mechanism adopts hydraulic-mechanical transmission. When driving on straight sections of highway and large bends, flatbed trailers use traction steering, and long-cargo trailers use center automatic steering; control steering when passing through small bends or parked in place at loading and unloading sites; bridge trailers are also used Control the steering to accurately follow the established route or stop.

China Scheuerle type SPMT- XIAN HYZER

The power module of the flatbed truck is composed of diesel engine, hydraulic pump, pressure limiting valve, fuel tank, control panel and other parts. The diesel engine drives the hydraulic pump, outputs hydraulic power, drives the hydraulic motors on each axle, and makes the vehicle run. The hydraulic circuit is equipped with a pressure limiting valve to limit the maximum pressure of the circuit to prevent damage to hydraulic components due to excessive pressure.

The flatbed vehicle brake system is composed of air circuit and control actuator, including service brake and parking brake. The control system includes the vehicle control box, control components, system software, remote control, and vehicle connection lines.

Goldhofer PST type SPMT factory- XIAN HYZER

Europe is the birthplace of self-propelled hydraulic flatbed trucks. It has long monopolized the international market. In recent years, Chinese companies have developed rapidly in this field and many manufacturers have appeared. At present, the global annual output of SPMT is about 1,000 units, and the output value is hundreds of millions of dollars.



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