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Light semi trailer of the advantages

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Ultralight semi-trailer as the name suggests is a lot lighter than ordinary car, in the end how much light is ultralight, the industry definition is the same as the ordinary car load, size, light weight of more than 15% of the car is defined as ultralight. 

 Semi-trailer to light can be achieved in several pointsSemi Trailer Low-Loader For Sale - XIAN HYZER

1. Reduce the thickness of the plate.  For this, use higher grade steel.  High standard steel, strong strength, good toughness, fatigue resistance.

 2. Reduce the weight of the rear axle.  Axle and suspension close to two tons, only light bridge, disc brake, 4 plate spring, new lifting lug, vacuum tire, single tire and so on are effective way 

3.  Variable suspension.  Air bag suspension can be used, which is less used 

4. Reduce the weight of accessories.  Reduce the weight of bumpers, side protective mesh, mesh spare tire rack, toolbox, tarpaan rack, etc. 

5.  There is also the use of suspension rear bridge, which is known as the last bridge when not in use can be promoted the most common way is to use high strength (domestic high grade) steel, reduce the weight.  High - strength steel semi - trailers are lighter than ordinary carbon steel semi - trailers.  Using high strength steel imported from Sweden to optimize the design of the semi-trailer, without changing the carrying capacity of the semi-trailer, the dead weight of the semi-trailer can be reduced by more than 1.3 tons, which can effectively improve the use efficiency of the vehicle.  Product Name: ordinary carbon steel light semi-trailer high strength steel light semi-trailer 13 meter railing semi-trailer 7.0 tons, 5.98 tons, 13 meter railing semi-trailer 7.7 tons, 6.68 tons, 13 meter van semi-trailer 8.1 tons, 7.08 tons.  



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