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Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Buy cheap hydraulic modular trailer with Xian Hyzer now! We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our equipment are high in precision, reliable in performance and good in design. If you want to know price quotation and more specifications of good quality hydraulic modular trailer for sale in our factory, contact us now.

The hydraulic modular trailer is mainly composed of a flat grid box-shaped main beam frame, a hydraulic suspension, an axle, a steering rod system, a hydraulic system, an air brake system, a power unit and the like. It has the advantages of adjustable height of cargo platform, uniform axle load, small turning radius and convenient reversing.

The hydraulic modular trailer is an important tool for modern logistics. The use of hydraulic modular trailer is an important and effective means of increasing economic efficiency. It has the advantages of high load-bearing capacity and high efficiency. A hydraulic modular trailer can be pulled by one tractor or more.


- Driving up and down the ramp and on the slope can adjust the body to maintain the balance position to ensure the stability of the cargo.

- Modular design to adapt to different dimensions and weights of the workpiece, with vertical stitching, horizontal stitching.

- The use of high quality tires can enhance the load carrying capacity of the trailer, increase the service life, and enhance the stability of the vehicle and the bearing capacity of the trailer.

- The double suspension structure, the suspension frame and the automatic swing adjustment of the axle ensure the car body level and the tires are balanced, thus improving the safety during transportation.

- The pin material of the joint is made of alloy steel and treated by special process to improve the service life.

- It adopts the double-track machine slewing mechanism to achieve more stable performance.

- The traction faucet can be adjusted up and down, and the traction heads of different tonnages or forklifts can be simply adjusted.


1. High transportation efficiency, low manufacturing cost and low fuel consumption.

2. The hydraulic modular trailer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, and can be towed for general trucks without modification.

3. Can be used as a longer-term storage unit.

4. The trailer itself has no power and can be towed by forklifts and tractors.


It can be applied to overweight or non-removable over-limit objects in hydropower and thermal power generation equipment manufacturing, power station construction, heavy machinery manufacturing, oil fields, loading and unloading operations, railway construction and other industries.

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