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How to design the HSE plan for large-scale transportation (2)

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Weather Change Contingency Plan

During the transportation process,in order to prevent the influence of natural weather such as ice and snow,heavy fog,cold wind,etc.,grasp the weather information timely and accurately,and formulate a plan.The transporter's command center is on duty to dispatch, grasp the weather information at any time,and listen to the weather forecast broadcasts of various meteorological stations on time.The team pays attention to listening to the traffic stations along the way,accurately understands the weather changes,and updates the weather conditions every 3 hours.For major weather changes,such as cold snaps,blizzards and other severe weather,conduct timely consultations,study and adjust transportation plans and formulate countermeasures.

Emergency plan for vehicle failure large-scale transportation

Due to the failure of the transport vehicle during transportation, you should immediately choose a suitable parking place to park the vehicle,check and eliminate the mechanical failure in time,and for the equipment that cannot be eliminated in a short period of time, you should promptly select replaceable mechanical equipment for replacement to ensure that the vehicle can be replaced in the shortest time.Delivered to the designated location.During the transportation and unloading of large equipment,if the hydraulic pipeline cracks or leaks,the height of the trailer platform should be lowered immediately so that the main beam of the platform falls to the ground,the control valve of the cracked pipeline should be closed,and the hydraulic pipeline should be replaced by a repairman. In the event of a tire blowout,the prepared multi-rails should be placed under the main beam of the trailer,and the height of the trailer should be lowered quickly so that the main beam of the trailer falls on the rails,the suspension control valve is closed,and the repairman replaces the damaged tire.

Traffic Accident Emergency Plan

General traffic accidents should be reported to the local traffic police department in time,irregular roads should be reported to the local police station;protect the scene of the accident,actively rescue the injured;notify the insurance department of the accident,notify the unit leader or the security department to ask for advice on handling, assist and cooperate Do a good job in case investigation.In case of major personal injury accidents,in addition to the above-mentioned measures,the medical emergency,public security and firefighting,or the relevant departments of the local system should be notified in time to ask for help,and the local government can also be asked to assist in solving the problem if necessary.

Force majeure emergency plan

When force majeure occurs during transportation,first place the transportation equipment in a relatively safe area and keep it properly, use all available conditions to notify the owner of the event and dynamics,and carry out work in accordance with the authorization of the owner.If the basic communication conditions are not available,keep the relevant records and equipment well until the owner is contacted or the force majeure event is lifted.After the impact of force majeure is eliminated,if the conditions for continued

transportation are met,the project department will continue to implement the transportation plan on the premise of ensuring the safety of equipment and transportation personnel.



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