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How to design the HSE plan for large-scale transportation (1)

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Security Risk Analysis

Analysis of Environmental Factors and Hazard Sources.Before operation,it is necessary to clearly identify hazards,take active and effective control measures for factors and operations that may affect the environment,and avoid or minimize the impact on the environment.Ensure that the operator's identification of on-site environmental factors and risk factors before operation is correct and effective.Before the on-site operation starts,the project leader should reiterate the safety precautions and potential dangers on the site,so as to improve the safety awareness of the operators and the awareness of environmental protection.

1.Pre-shipment security inspection program.

2.All production equipment and facilities have obtained corresponding certificates;

3.The operating staff have undergone formal HSE safety training;

4.Each operator is required to hold a certificate to work;

5.Clearly communicate the HSE requirements and measures in the operation to each operator;

6.Follow the owner's HSE procedures to identify potential accidents;

7.Operators must wear labor protection equipment.

8.Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

Carry out an overall inspection of the vehicle condition before operation to ensure that the hydraulic pipeline does not burst or leak;The axle truck tires are all filled with nitrogen, and the air pressure is in the range of 10.5~10.75 bar, and checked one by one before shipment;Strict attention should be paid to the condition of the vehicle during operation. If potential danger is found, take timely remedial measures and form a report.

Pollution Prevention HSE plan for large-scale transportation

During the on-site operation,certain activities may cause impact and damage to the environment.Therefore,it is necessary to strengthen pollution prevention and control work,and this regulation is specially formulated for control.During the operation process,it is strictly necessary not to throw or place equipment and materials that damage the environment.Ordinary domestic waste can be put into the dustbin on the job site, and materials that pollute the environment must be transported back with the vehicle and handled by the project team.

Prepare HSE emergency plan

During the entire operation of the project,in order to ensure a rapid and effective response in emergency situations and minimize the impact of emergency events on people,property and the environment,this response management procedure is formulated and implemented to guide emergency situations processing under.

Personnel Injury Emergency Plan

(1).Minor injuries: Whenever anyone is slightly injured, they should immediately seek first aid from the nearest emergency center,or directly contact the on-site medical office.The injured should report the injury process to their immediate supervisor immediately,and the leader should report the process to the HSE manager of the owner without delay.

(2).Serious injuries: Serious injuries in any area or anyone who finds serious injuries should: 

A.Take necessary measures (provide first aid) to prevent the injury from aggravating; 

B.Call the direct supervisor or HSE supervisor.

(3).The following information should be clearly provided:

 A.The name and unit of the reporter; 

B.The exact location of the reporter;

C. The type of injury; 

D.What kind of assistance is needed, such as:ambulance/emergency vehicle and rear assistance, Rescue etc.

(4).The reporter should also pay attention to waiting for the arrival of the ambulance/emergency vehicle (if possible,let someone stand on the side of the road so that the ambulance/emergency vehicle can accurately find the accident location. 

A.Clear the accident route (such as If possible, remove the surrounding equipment and irrelevant personnel);

 B.Do not move the injured person when the injured part is not sure, except when it may cause further injury; 

C.The on-site safety supervisor or manager is responsible for verbally reporting the entire injury to the owner’s HSE manager process without delay;

D.Injuries that are not reported in time will be punished by strict discipline.



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