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How to deal with the truck brake lock?

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Under normal circumstances, the factors that can cause high temperature of tire and axle head are nothing more than: brake locking, brake failure to return, or slow return, bearing damage, or improper tightness of axle head, abnormal tire pressure, frequent use of brake under the condition of excessive load, etc.

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Reasons of high temperature caused by braking system

High temperature accidents caused by the brake system should be the most common, mainly including: brake locking, slow or no return of brake, freezing of air brake pipeline or brake pump valve, etc.

For the freezing of the air brake pipeline or pump valve, the best treatment method is to ensure that the compressed air pipeline is dry without ponding and oil stain, and ensure that the dryer assembly works normally. Before winter, it is best to thoroughly check whether there is ponding and oil stain in the air reservoir and brake pipeline, and add antifreeze in time.

Reasons for slow or non-return of brake

The return spring is tired and weak, the brake shoe shaft pin and shoe bushing are rusted, and the thickness of the brake pad is not enough, resulting in the brake camshaft in an almost upright state! All these are hidden dangers left by daily maintenance.

When maintaining the shaft head, it is necessary to confirm:

1. Whether the maintenance personnel accurately and reasonably predict the thickness of brake pads and the mileage they can continue to use;

2. Whether the brake camshaft is almost upright; Whether the brake return spring is tight enough;

3. Whether the return spring is weak;

4. Whether the brake shoe is taken down, check and clean the rust and dirt of shoe shaft pin and bushing.



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