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How To Choose Trailer Tire

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Firstly, it it to choose tyre specification. There will be a mark on the edge of the tire. The meaning of these number marks is respectively tire width, flat ratio, wheel hub diameter and load index. Only by mastering these data can you buy a suitable tire.

Secondly, check tire pattern. The tread pattern of the tire is not only good-looking, but also a good thing to prevent your trailer from skidding on the ground. Different patterns have different adsorption and drainage capacity to the ground, and the tread patterns on the market are also divided into symmetrical patterns and asymmetric patterns. They are also different in function and installation. The tire with symmetrical tread pattern can be installed at will regardless of the inner and outer sides. However, for the unsymmetrical tread pattern with relatively good grip and drainage, it is necessary to distinguish the inner and outer mounting. If it is reversed, it will have the opposite effect.

Thirdly, look at the tire section, which is also what we need to master. Different tires have different sections, some of which are square and some are more smooth. Compared with the smooth tire, the tire with square cross-section is slightly inferior to the smooth tire in terms of grip due to friction.

Fourth, it is also important to understand that each tire has different speed levels and load-bearing data. It is a must to understand clearly that it is not allowed to exceed the speed to drive the vehicle, otherwise it is easy to cause an accident. In the same way, tires also have load index.   



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