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How to buy the right tire?

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How to buy the right tire of special semi-trailer?

I believe that many small partners must encounter a lot of confusion when buying tires. What kind of tires do you choose to buy? Can environmentally friendly tires really reduce fuel consumption? Can sports tires improve performance? Can the silent tire be silent?

To understand this, we need to start with the tread pattern of the tire. The tread pattern is like the pattern on the sole of our shoes, such as football shoes, dance shoes, running shoes, mountaineering shoes, etc. the pattern on the bottom of them has different functions. Then the tread pattern on the tire is the same. Generally, the tread pattern on the car is divided into longitudinal, transverse, mixed and asymmetric tread patterns, and the difference between them is also very obvious.Extendable Low Bed Trailer for sale - HYZER

1. Longitudinal pattern. This pattern can effectively play the role of drainage, but because the pattern direction is usually parallel to the driving direction of the car, the longitudinal pattern reduces the effective friction area between the tire and the ground, and the quietness and environmental protection will be improved, but the grip will be reduced relatively.

2. Transverse pattern. Contrary to the performance of the longitudinal pattern, the transverse pattern can greatly improve the grip of the vehicle, but the drainage performance is poor. When driving on a wet and slippery road, the grip is obviously reduced.

3. Mixed pattern. This is the most common tread pattern type. Generally speaking, it adopts symmetrical design. The mixed pattern combines the horizontal and vertical patterns, so that the longitudinal pattern that can provide rapid drainage in the middle can be combined with the horizontal pattern that provides grip on the tire shoulder, and the comprehensiveness is quite good.

4. Asymmetric pattern. This pattern is different from the left and right. The inner side is mostly drainage design, while the outer side pays more attention to the adhesion during steering. However, because it is an asymmetric design, this kind of tire can not be adjusted to the front, rear, left and right. It needs to be replaced at the same time when it is worn to a certain extent. The cost will be relatively high.

5. Goodyear Eagle F1 is designed in this way, but the tire with this pattern has a fixed rolling direction, that is, the tire can only run in one direction. The advantage is that the rolling resistance of the tire is relatively small and the vehicle handling is better. However, the disadvantage is that it can't switch left and right. It can only exchange tires on the same side, and the noise will be too loud.



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