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How does a crane trailers work

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Container transport vehicles can be divided into four types: ordinary cargo type, semi-trailer train type, full-trailer train type, and double-trailer type. The best combination type of container transport vehicle is the type that uses saddle tractor to tow semi-trailer.

Container crane trailer structure

A container transport vehicle is generally composed of a tractor head, a container semi-trailer, a twist lock device and other components. Container semi-trailers can be divided into straight type and gooseneck type according to the type of frame.

The gooseneck container semi-trailer is mainly used to transport the container with a groove at the bottom of the box to reduce the overall loading height of the container, which is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation; the straight container semi-trailer is currently the most used in the world. A broad type of semi-trailer can be divided into flat type and skeleton type according to its structural characteristics. Among them, the skeleton type container semi-trailer is recognized by various countries as the first choice of container semi-trailer due to its simple structure, easy manufacturing and assembly, and low cost. standard form.

Features of foreign container self-loading and unloading transport vehicles

Because it is not very common in China, we feel that this kind of transport vehicle is very different. In fact, it has been used abroad for a long time, and it is also favored by the army that needs quick assembly and quick response. The successful development of container self-loading and unloading transport vehicles makes container transportation fast, flexible and efficient, and truly realizes "containerized transportation". means of transport. In order to adapt to various road conditions, weather conditions and military transportation conditions, many manufacturers at home and abroad have developed models with different functions.

Today, the world's leading integrated self-loading truck companies are Steelbro in New Zealand and Klaus in Germany. Although the two companies have many similarities in the structural design of self-loading trucks, their products also have their own advantages.crane trailers - XIAN HYZER IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD

Steelbro's self-loading trucks are well-known for their strong cargo carrying capacity, while Klaus' self-loading trucks are well-known in the industry for their strong yard loading and unloading capabilities. In addition, the products of Steelbro and Klaus have also designed specific safety systems, which can effectively prevent dangerous accidents when loading and unloading dangerous goods. Klaus' products provide logistical support to most countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and are also a major supplier of military self-loading trailers in the world.

The German Klaus company has been committed to providing side-mounted container self-loading and unloading transport vehicles for the military of various countries. Its main products are KM32, KM26 and KM20 series, of which only the KM32 series is for 40-foot containers. The self-loading and unloading container transporter of Klaus company has a special retractable stable outrigger and a lifting mechanism, and is equipped with a parallel safety system, which can be used when loading and unloading dangerous goods to prevent dangerous accidents. Its operation method adopts double-side loading and unloading, and the loading and unloading mechanism has a large operating range, reliable operation and high durability.

The integral self-loading trailer has a set of special lifting mechanism and retrievable stable outriggers. The products of Klaus are also equipped with a parallel safety system, which is used when loading and unloading dangerous goods (such as ammunition, fragile items, etc.), Dangerous accidents can be prevented. Using the side loading and unloading operation method, the reliable operation range of the loading and unloading mechanism is very large, and after years of practice tests, the durability and reliability of the side loading operation has almost become a myth.

Steelbro's 40-foot container self-loading trucks are widely used in more than 60 countries around the world. The transport vehicles produced by New Zealand Swingthru Company have a high level of serialization. The lifting capacity is 10 tons, 20 tons, 27 tons and 35 tons. The size of the container is from 10 feet to 45 feet. The power unit includes diesel engine, Gasoline engine, power take-off, loading and unloading mechanism and chassis are connected by sliding type, fixed type and removable type. Its products can realize double-sided loading and unloading, and can load and unload 2-layer container stacking through the expansion and contraction of the telescopic arm, which overcomes the shortage of frequent U-turns for single-side loading and unloading vehicles. In order to improve the stability and versatility of the mechanism during the loading and unloading process, a sliding and locking mechanism is used between the lifting mechanism and the chassis to move and lock the positioning. The control system is equipped with an overload alarm device. When the lifting weight exceeds 90% of the lifting capacity, the yellow light is on; when it reaches 100%, the red light is on and an alarm sounds.



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