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height of hydraulic trailer

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height of hydraulic trailer- XIAN HYZER

Trailer height refers to the height of the trailer-mounted cargo platform. Since the trailer is a hydraulic independent suspension, which corresponds to the maximum stroke position and the minimum stroke position of the suspension hydraulic cylinder, the height of the trailer can be adjusted within a certain range. The height of the trailer is often expressed in the form of d±e (as shown in the figure below). For example, a trailer is marked as 1190mm±325mm. Among them, d is the normal operating height of the trailer, generally the distance from the midpoint of the trailer's lift to the ground, and e is 1/2 of the trailer's lift, which is also called the trailer's lift.

special semi-trailer - XIAN HYZER

From this, it can be calculated that the maximum and minimum height of the trailer in the theoretical state can be expressed by the formula in the following figure:

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