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14 multi axle lines (modular trailer) + turntable (self steering) + Hydraulic gooseneck in Bahrain 

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G3.0 hydraulic modular trailer in Iran

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5+5+5+5 axle lines N3.4 Series Hydraulic modular trailer transporting in Sudan

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hydraulic gooseneck modular trailer.jpg

China modular trailer.jpg

3 axle lines + 3 axle lines modular trailer (width 3400mm) with one unit of 2 tandem steering header, 6 axle lines (width 3400mm) modular trailer with one unit of 2 tandem steering header, 6H axle lines modular trailer, 3 tandem Steering header,2 tandem Steering header, 4 tandem Steering bracket, power pack, hydraulic gooseneck

Carol HY +86 18629072795



SPMT (self propelled modular trailer) working in site in China

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wind blade trailer.jpg

Wind blade trailer adaptor working in mountain area

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