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Heavy Hauler Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer

1.Our N3.0-2 hydraulic modular trailer is compatible with Nicolas MDED modular trailer and Nicolas SPMT
2.Hydraulic Modular trailer is for transporting abnormal loads
3.Also known as hydraulic platform trailer,hydraulic multi axle trailer,heavy hauler trailer

Heavy Hauler Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer Introduction

Modular trailer, is also known as hydraulic multi axle trailer, hydraulic platform trailer.
The main components of modular trailer are the following:
Main beam: adopt high strength steel to make I-shaped, module ends have connecting lug otic placode on the lower part.
Vice beam: It is welded by strength steel and supporting structure frame together with the main beam.
Beam: connecting the main beam and the vice beam.
Inclined support: supporting main beam and vice beam.
End beam: steering end beam, connecting end beam and retaining beam.
Suspension system: support in the vice beam, plays the role of supporting and connecting wheel and axle. The suspension system includes walking mechanism.
Steering system: transfer steering.
Hydraulic system: provide and transfer hydraulic power for suspension and steering.
Brake system: including brake and parking brake, composed of air circuit, control system and execution mechanism.
Connection device: connecting pin, connecting block and connecting bolt, etc..
Ancillary equipment: power pack, gooseneck, draw bar, control box, etc.

Heavy Hauler Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer(Nicolas MDED modular trailer)2

Main Feature of modular trailer (hydraulic multi axle trailer, hydraulic platform trailer)

Adopts high strength steel for main frame.
All wheels steerable automatically or manually.
Hydraulic axle (suspension) adapts uneven road condition.
Platform height is adjustable.
Lifting cylinder makes trailer automatically to respond under tough road conditions.
Safety valve is used in hydraulic circuit.
Brake air tank ensures immediate brake.
Pendular axle and suspension are easy for maintenance.
It adopts pneumatic and hydraulic quick coupling.
Its modules connecting pin adopts hydraulic cylinder to make longitudinal coupling fast.
Dual-circuit hydraulic system guarantees safe work condition.
End by end combination and side by side combination of each module are available.
With hydraulic gooseneck, it is small turning radius and 55° steering angle.

heavy duty transport trailer advantage:

Modular trailer is becoming popular worldwide since it can spread concentrated weight to each wheel through hydraulic system and can maintain level of trailer and cargo when running on uneven road. It also can protect road from damage caused by overload trailer. Modular trailer carrying capacity is associated with the use conditions and environment conditions. Factors such as weather, road, load, vehicle speed, the technical condition of trailer have great influence on loading capacity.
Hydraulic multi axle trailer is special equipment and widely used in transporting large objects, bridge and tunnel engineering, power engineering, petrochemical engineering etc. Hydraulic platform trailer adopts the most advanced design concept, light weight, large carrying capacity, widely applicable range, reliable and durable. It is modular structure, can be any combination of horizontal and longitudinal direction. Its unit is 2 ~ 7 axle line and loading capacity is from 50 tons ~3500 ton after combination.

Heavy Hauler Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer(Nicolas MDED modular trailer)3

The biggest advantage of the series hydraulic modular trailer is the possibility of a variety of combinations. For large goods, it can use multi unit axle line to connect at horizontal and longitudinal direction. According to different weight and length and width, the user can make three or four columns to meet the transportation requirements and reduce transportation cost, shorten the cycle of transportation. If being equipped with a customized turntable and concave module, it can expand into special transport trailer and concave flat trailer (low bed trailer) to transport long and high structure goods.

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