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Heavy haul trailer: what is it? how does it work?

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Heavy-duty low-bed semi-trailers are used for trailers that carry oversized and overweight cargo. The basic form of heavy-duty trailers is a single flatbed trailer. It generally has the following structure. Frame and axle Most of the axles are collinear with two axles, that is, there are two left and right axles on one axis, also called two axle columns. Common single flatbed trailers have 2 to 7 axes. One axle is equipped with 4 tires, and there are 8 tires on one axis.

Therefore, the width of the whole car can reach more than 3 meters. In order to lower the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, steel wire radial wide rim tires with small diameter and large load capacity are generally installed (see car tires). Each tire can bear a load of about 4 tons under low-speed running conditions. The frame adopts a welded structure of high-strength alloy steel box section. Usually a single flatbed trailer with 5 axes and two axles can carry more than 100 Heavy Haul Trailer -Hyzer

What is a hydraulic modular trailer?

In the field of large-scale transportation, in order to meet the bearing capacity requirements of roads and bridges, it is often necessary to use a very long vehicle body and many tires for load distribution, and to maintain the same force on each wheel during driving. With the development of modern hydraulic technology, large-scale transport vehicles begin to use hydraulic flatbed trailers, or add some components based on hydraulic flatbed trailers to form other forms of vehicle groups.

The structural features of the low loader axle

Taking many independent suspensions with built-in hydraulic cylinders as the basic bearing unit, the hydraulic cylinders of each suspension are connected by hydraulic pipelines, so that the overweight cargo load is evenly distributed to each trailer tire. This method of hydraulically balancing the forces of each suspension The hydraulic flatbed trailer has the characteristics of low cargo platform, small self-weight and large carrying capacity. The hydraulic flatbed trailer is also manufactured into a modular structure, which is composed of trailers with a smaller number of axles. Each module can be spliced longitudinally or transversely to form trailers with different lengths and widths to adapt to different quality and size of goods. It also meets the requirements of different bearing capacities of roads and bridges.

Classification of hydraulic flatbed trailers

According to the different driving modes and steering modes, hydraulic flatbed trailers can be divided into several basic forms such as towed full-trailer units, towed semi-trailer units, self-propelled units, and azimuth self-propelled units.

In addition to the advantages of a low flatbed semi-trailer, the heavy-duty hydraulic combined semi-trailer also adopts hydraulically balanced independent suspension, integral axles that can swing in all directions, mechanical hydraulic all-wheel steering, and a frame-type bearing platform. The height of the cargo platform can be adjusted freely, which is convenient for loading goods and vehicles to pass through lower bridges and culverts smoothly.

At present, the combined hydraulic full-trailer products (which can be combined into various series from 65 tons to 1500 tons) cover railway construction, highway construction, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, power station, urban and earthwork construction, etc. aspect.

Semi-trailers and detachable semi-trailers can be matched with hydraulic goosenecks, concave connection cargo platforms, frame beams, etc. as required.

In short, the heavy-duty hydraulic combined semi-trailer consists of two parts: goose neck and cargo bed. The goose neck is equipped with traction pins, gooseneck steering device and gooseneck lifting device; the cargo bed adopts a modular design, and the front and rear modules are equipped with Mechanical steering device and hydraulic suspension device; the middle module can be a flat beam or a concave beam according to the needs of the load. One of the main features of this model is that the cargo platform can be lifted and lowered, and the mechanical linkage steering mechanism used can enable the vehicle to complete the follow-up operation. Dynamic steering and controlled steering greatly improve the reliability, mobility and economy of transportation.



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