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Heavy - Duty Steam In Combination Characteristics And Early Development Contrast

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Heavy-duty car development in the development of heavy-duty car train In the mid-1970s, there have been self-propelled heavy-duty car trains, that is, without tractor towers, but in the flatbed car to install high-power diesel engine and hydraulic pump, Motor to drive the vehicle. So that the length of the entire car group is greatly reduced, the requirements of the turning radius of the road has also been reduced, the driver is more convenient and safe operation. 

Single flat trailer can be assembled in a vertical and horizontal assembly, constitute a variety of variants to accommodate the shipment of different weights and dimensions of large shipments.

Combination plate trailer. To one or several single flat trailer according to the length of the required splicing composition.

Long trailer. With two flat trailers one after the other in accordance with the requirements of the long cargo bearing position to separate the appropriate distance, the installation of the rotating bearing frame, long cargo at both ends of the support position that is fixed on the front and rear two flat trailer on the carrier, Pieces and vehicles constitute a whole

Bridge trailer. With two flat trailers one after the separation of a certain distance, the installation of a hydraulic lift platform, two lifting platform between the installation of the bridge, so before and after the trailer, lifting platform, carrying the bridge into one. The carrying bridge is the loading site. The trailer is used for large cargo shipments. In addition, the single flat trailer as the base, but also the composition of other variants, such as clamped trailer, concave low-bed trailer, gooseneck semi-trailer, etc., to suit different requirements.

Our trailers always meet demand of any type of heavy haul trucking due to strong design and manufacturing capability, which are reliable, efficient, safety and economic, and provide professional service for heavy transportation. Our trailer concepts are much flexible and are able to bear heavy goods with its combine program so that we are in a good position to offer legal conform solutions for many countries. 

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