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Goldhofer THP/SL Type Modular Trailer

1.Our G3.0 hydraulic modular trailer can be fully compatible with the original Goldhofer THP/SL
2. It is for heavy haul trucking and heavy loads

Goldhofer THP/SL type modular trailer Introduction

Goldhofer THP/SL Type modular trailer, high-loading capacity & stable and durable hydraulic modular trailer for heavy haul trucking, G3.0 and GD3.0 module trailer for abnormal load and heavy haul, heavy transport trailer/heavy equipment haulers/heavy load trailer

Goldhofer THP/SL

Goldhofer hydraulic multi axle trailer is one of the most popular trailers in the world. Our G3.0 hydraulic modular trailer can be fully compatible with the original Goldhofer THP/SL, which material is high tensile structure steel, robust and durable construction with high bending moment, high concentrated load bearing capacity. 

low loader axle Advantage

It also can connect with Drop deck, Spacer, Extendable Vessel Bridge, Turntable, Girder Bridge to transport special cargo. It is a good option for you to expand your trailer fleet.

heavy haul equipment Feature

Feature of G3.0 model (compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL)
1. Excellent and strong main frame design makes the trailer competent in weight concentrated cargo. 
2. Unique slew bearing connect trailer chassis and suspension. Suspension frame and balance arm is welding structure (same with Goldhofer), high strength and delight appearance. Trailer frame has built-in air pressure tank and hydraulic oil tank.
3. The combinations and connections of modules adopts foreign general multiunit connect-sheets connecting, high connection strength, not easy to break, convenient connection and combination, largely increase the combination speed.
4. Steering: Steering rod system is optimized by computer, less steering error; Steering pad adopts multiple holes design, convenient for combination. Steering cylinders deployed inside trailer’s chassis, provide powerful steering force. Precise steering system saves Tyre consume.
5. Hydraulic and air pipes adopt quick coupling connection, swift combination, the combination parts are using automatic cylinder pins. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.
6. Hydraulic suspension oil cylinder is manufactured via pull-cylinder techniques, high strength, cylinder connection and seals form is same with Goldhofer, and seals parts are all using overseas famous brand. Hydraulic suspension oil pipe line adopts dual-pipe system, ensure the safety of operation.
7. Small power pack can be deployed on ends of modular trailer, save more space from trailer’s deck for oversize cargo.
8. Wire control of steering and lifting is an option.
9. Hydraulic accumulator and jack make sure trailer’s 600mm lifting distance.
10. Lombardini (Kohler) or Deutz diesel engines for options. 

Different combinations with various of accessories can be supplied according to customer transport needs!

Goldhofer THPSL modular trailer2

When you want to get more information, please kindly send email to Carol HY +86 18629072795, our team will give you reasonable design and best price to save your transport cost!


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