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Giant Beasts Of The World's Largest Offshore Wind Power Generation:power Generation Capaity Terror

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As a clean renewable energy, wind energy is being paid more and more attention from all over the world. According to foreign media news, the world's largest wind turbine has recently begun to operate in the UK.
The project was designed by Danish energy company---Dong Energy. The generating units located in the Gulf of Liverpool, total 32 wind turbines. It is reported that a turbine height is about 195 meters, the leaves up to about 80 meters. When a single fan rotate a circle, it can supply power of 29 hours. From the picture, the size of the turbine is spectacular.
Since the British government is providing generous subsidy policy support and friendly regulations, Dong Energy company reduce lots of cost in the construction of these turbines. Compared with the Burbo BAnk wind farm built ten years ago, the power generation capacity of the power generation group is two times as much as Burbo Bank.
The reason why Dong Energy chose to build larger wind turbines is that compared with small turbines, mainframe maintenance costs are not only cheaper, but also generating considerable efficiency.
With the development of wind power to the present stage, its cost performance is forming a competitive advantage with coal and electricity.
The advantage of wind power is that When the capacity is doubled, the cost is down by 15%, and the world wind power growth has been maintained over 30% in recent years. As a result, wind power has begun to become a golden place for more and more investors.
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