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Flatbed trolley and its kinds

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Flatbed dollies are a common form of freight in distribution environments and are used to move bulk goods.Trolleys help reduce the force required to move a load by allowing the user to pull or push rather than lift and carry.A very simple design provides a basic flat platform with four casters and a fixed handle for pushing or pulling a load on the platform.Without a flat surface, it becomes an open frame dolly, and without handles, it becomes a bogie or dolly.Flatbed carts are also sometimes called pallets, but the term pallet is also used to refer to trucks without sides.

Material Flatbed trolley

The frame is usually fabricated steel.The main slab surface can be constructed of wood, plastic, steel or mesh.Flat plate casters can vary widely, being made of solid rubber, inflated pneumatic or cast iron.Casters are generally the parts on the flatbed that limit the ability to work safely.

Types of Flatbed dollies

There are many types of specialty carts, including:

Luggage trolley

Luggage trolleys are used to carry luggage at airports, train stations and bus stations.

Piano cart

A piano cart, or piano cart, is a two- or four-wheeled cart with a sturdier than usual frame. They are usually about 50 to 80 cm (19+5⁄8 to 31+1⁄2 inches) long and are used by moving companies to move pianos.The piano trolley is placed below the piano's center of gravity and allows it to turn on its axis to move around the building.Stairs can be accessed by placing the trolley on one end of the instrument.In tight spaces, the piano may be opened and placed on a trolley.Typical features include solid rubber tires, very strong construction, and thick rubber bumpers on top and ends.Before a grand piano can be moved on a piano dolly, the piano must be protected by a piano shoe, a wooden frame that protects the polished surface and provides extra strength to the sides.

U-boat trolley

U-shaped carts are used by retailers such as grocery stores to move and store goods and have two tall handles on either end of a thin flat panel.

Balance bike

Balance carts typically have wheels mounted on a central axis to create a pivot point, which operates similar to a seesaw.These centrally mounted wheels allow the operator to rotate the cart on a central axis, providing a turning circle no longer than the length of the cart.

Turntable trolley

The cart pictured below is known as a turntable cart because of its steering mechanism.Unlike flatbed carts that are mounted on casters, turntable carts are mounted on solid axles, allowing for a higher load capacity.The rear axle is fixed to the chassis, and the front wheels are connected to a steering mechanism that allows the cart to turn as it moves.

Remote-controlled or autonomous carts

Modern factory systems typically track individual trolleys digitally to facilitate automated bills of lading; automated systems may have teleoperated or automated trolleys for transport during storage and access.



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