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Flat trailer maintenance and maintenance methods

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When flat trailer is used, if it can be well maintained and maintained, the service life will be extended a lot. Then how to maintain and maintain it?  

The following small series summarizes the eight points

1. The trailer must be carefully read the operation manual before use, all operations must be carried out in accordance with the manual, remember to connect the connector before use, if you do not use the connector will directly suppress the traction rod;  Flat trailer maintenance and maintenance methods - XIAN HYZER

2. Before using the trailer with brake, check whether there is a handbrake and a brake to open;  Double traction trailer before use to check the other end of the traction frame is not locked (plug), so as to avoid the trailer walking on the other end of the traction frame swing around, damage the goods;  

3. For the traction frame part, the connecting part needs about three months to add butter, especially for the buffer spring part to clean up sundries and add butter regularly;  

4. For the turntable part, every six months to add some butter to the turntable and the rosette hole, and clean it;  

5. For the tire part, it is recommended to tighten the wheel hub screws irregularly and wash them with water irregularly;  

6. Usually, flat trailer with brake does not need to regularly add brake fluid, generally increase once a year or two;  

7. For flatbed trailers with outrigger, it is recommended to clean the outrigger screws of oil and sediment from time to time.  

8. If it is not working for a long time, it is recommended to place the trailer in a rain-proof and dust-proof place, or cover it with tarpaulin, and pay attention to moisture and rust prevention measures.  



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