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Extendable Low Bed Trailer


extendable low bed trailer is suitable for the transportation of the following goods and situation:
Wind power plants (tower segments, rotor or turbine blades)
Structural elements (steel and concrete elements)
Roof constructions
Bridge elements
Other bulky goods and long material
For more profitability, the combination of lightweight, strength and high load ratings offer user versatile and flexible load options. A flatbed trailer can be loaded from the top, sides, or rear of the trailer making it so much easier.
Due to its extending loading platform, the extendable low bed trailer is ideally suitable for the transport of particularly long or bulky loads.
It is lightweight design, greater steering angle and the low loading platform height additionally guarantees optimum flexibility with the highest possible payload.
Therefore fulfills all conditions for the time-efficient and cost-effective transportation of long or bulky goods for example; wind power plants or building structures.
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