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Drop Deck


Drop deck has high transport ability under bridge and in tunnel, and it lowers center of gravity of cargo to make sure that the cargo is in a more safe condition. Drop deck can be connected with Hydraulic modular Trailer to transport those oversize equipments with more than 100 tons.

Once the Drop deck trailer is cleaned, the floor will be lowered to a lower level. This is a very versatile trailer that uses extra space to increase the amount of cargo that can be transported. When properly loaded, the shape of the trailer becomes very stable when the load has a lower center of gravity than a standard flatbed trailer.

Typically, floor-standing trailers are sideways of the curtain and may include additional features, including a mezzanine or high ceiling, sometimes referred to as a high cube. Many of our trailer rentals come with an optional back door. Customers love them because they are versatile and can safely hold a wide range of goods, from caged or palletized goods to machinery and even steel or produce. The curtain side Drop Deck Trailer is ideal for side loading. This provides multiple forklift trucks into the trailer at the same time, speeding up the loading and unloading process.


1. Flat box-type design from high tensile steel
2. Through steel flooring on the whole loading area
3. In front and at rear coupling heads for modular bogies
4. Hydraulic, brake and electric lines installed within the frame, with couplings


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