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Driving Tired There May Be A Sitting Problem!

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Long driving the vehicle, often appear right foot sore situation, what is the cause? Some drivers will say that throttle pedal design problems, pedal angle is too high, a long time on the throttle will lead to right foot soreness.

Is this the case? We do not rule out some of the vehicles have design problems, but we ignored the other reason, right foot soreness, there may be your seat position adjustment does not lead to!

Everyone in driving the car when the adjustment for the seat is not the same, some people like the steering wheel from the point, will adjust the seat more forward, and some people prefer the seat more backward. Because of the different position before and after the seat, will lead to the right foot of the ankle bending angle is different.

Some drivers when driving a car when the chair is more comfortable to adjust the front of the knee and the distance between the instrument table closer, feeling so comfortable. But driving an hour later, the ankle will feel sore, at first I also think that the vehicle accelerator pedal angle design problems.

Later I learned that because the sitting position is not right, the seat too forward, the angle of the ankle too vertical, always carrying the foot pedal for a long time ankle is not sore to blame. The normal sitting position should be the calf and feet naturally sagging forward, ankle bending angle is very natural, the foot pedal on the throttle, the foot of their own weight will be pressed down the accelerator pedal, this time the throttle opening will be about 30%, to meet Vehicles need to drive the road, and the need to increase or decrease the throttle, the foot pressure, the stage can be.

Later, when I was driving the seat position to adjust to adjust the foot naturally placed in the accelerator pedal of the sitting position, the foot naturally down the accelerator pedal. Since the adjustment of sitting posture, the ankle soreness is really rare.

A car at the beginning of the design, will carry out the ergonomic design, so there will not be a big flaw. There is a throttle feel the pain of the ankle of the card may wish to adjust the seat of the seat, adjust their own sitting position, perhaps your right foot long neck driving pain problems will be solved.

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